Interchangable printing modules for INDUSTRY F421 and INDUSTRY F350

Change the module
and use one 3D printer for all jobs

Modular system used in the 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 and INDUSTRY F350 is a practical and cost-effective solution. 3DGence modular system is unique in the industrial 3D printers segment. The possibility of using three different modules in one 3D printer allows you to produce repeatable models from the widest range of filaments. Each module is customised to a specific group of materials in order to optimize the printing process. Internal modules memory saves the time that would be used for calibration. All the modules are also equipped with dual hotends and inactive nozzle lifting system.

Module M280

Basic printing module dedicated for 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 and INDUSTRY F350, that allows to print the commodity materials. M280 module is also capable of printing soluble support structures from ESM-10 and HIPS.

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Module M360

M360 is a high-temperature module that enables INDUSTRY F421 users to print the models of ULTEM™ – high performance polymer of very good mechanical properties and capable of withstanding high temperatures. M360 can print also engineering grade materials, such as PC, PC-CF, LEXAN, PC-ABS, PEKK, ULTEM™.

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Module M500+

M500 is one of the interchangable modules that can reach up to 500C of extrusion temperature. Such high temperature combined with the printer’s heated chamber allows to print high performance polymers like PEEK or PEKK on INDUSTRY F421. On M500 module can print PEEK and PEKK on the soluble ESM-10 support.

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Print temperature

Up to 280°C

Up to 360°C

Up to 500°C

Nozzle diameter

0,5 / 0,5 mm

0,4 / 0,4 mm

0,4 / 0,4 mm

Model materials


FLX-Arnitel ID2045 (only for accessories FLEX for INDUSTRY F350), ABS-ESD (only for INDUSTRY F421), PP (only for INDUSTRY F421)

PC, PC-CF (only for INDUSTRY F421), LEXAN (for INDUSTRY F421, INDUSTRY F350),

PC-ABS (only for INDUSTRY F421),

PC – ABS FR (only for INDUSTRY F350),

PEKK (only for INDUSTRY F421),

ULTEM (only for INDUSTRY F421),


PEEK AERO  (only for INDUSTRY F421),

PEEK – CF ( only for INDUSTRY F421 ), 

PEKK -A ( only for INDUSTRY F421),

VICTREX AM ( only for INDUSTRY F421),

Support materials





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