Free 3D printing audit

Technological audit is a free of charge service. 3DGence specialists will identify possible areas of application for 3D printing in your company and show what savings can be generated by using this technology in the long term.

What you gain

Cost savings
up to 90%

For any company, costs are crucial and one of the asset of 3D printing is that it will help to bring costs down. The use of 3D printing technology help you to reduce tooling expenditure, create many iteration in no time, and for a lower price and reach prototypes much cheaper. We will help you to find possible savings in your company by using 3D printing technology.

Increasing market

3D printing is not just a prototyping technology! Its use is still growing and enterprises from many industries keep making the most of additive manufacturing for more and more. Nowadays 3D printing can be used to produce end parts and spare parts that directly replace old details made of plastics. That’s not all! Our enginners will show you the possible use in your company.


This is one of the greatest benefits of 3D printing technology, that allow you to accelerate product development. The process of constructing molds and patterns is usually very long and consists of many stages. The use of a 3D printer in the company allow to reduce the waiting time for parts and fulfill the order to the customer much faster.

Optimization of
production processes

The introduction of new production technologies such as 3D printing allows each company to gain a number of benefits. Creating accurate and complex parts in relatively short times it’s just one of the few available advantages. Industrial 3D printer in your company will raise your business to a higher level. Know more why 3D printers should be an integral part of each machinery park.

Companies that have gained

How the audit works


Fill in the form

We will contact you within 2 days in order to determine the date of the visit.


Audit = a visit at the company

During the visit at your company our specialists will carry out a professional analysis of the production processes.


Sample printing

We will make one sample printing for you, so that you may check the quality of your detail printed in the FDM technology.



Within a week’s time of the date of the audit, we will provide you with a detailed report presenting the audit results. On the example of several details we will show you how 3D printing may help in optimising your production processes.


ROI analysis

It is a part of the report to answer the question, what return on investment in a 3D printer or 3D printing services may be achieved at your company.


Tailored solution

Based on the report results we will help you select a device and materials or choose the adequate service.

3D printing benefits

Lower costs of production

Short time of part delivery

Improving work ergonomics

Rapid prototyping

Support for the R&D projects

Frequently asked questions

The engineering audit service may be availed of by all Polish companies whose profile of operations justifies the implementation of 3D printing at industrial quality.

Yes. Before we visit your company, we may sign a prepared non-disclosure agreement.

The application team responsible for carrying out the audit consists of two engineers who are highly experienced in production. Their task is to show the way in which your company may use the potential of additive technologies in order to reduce costs and accelerate various processes.

The effect of one-day visit of the application team at your company will be a detailed report comprising, for example, such elements as ROI analysis, work environment analysis for a respective detail, comparison of time and costs of manufacturing the respective detail in two different technologies, specification of the recommended material, specification of the selected 3D printer.

No. Carrying out the engineering audit at your company is a free service and is not related to the necessity of purchasing a device or service.

  1. At the very beginning we are going to make a 10-minute presentation about our company. We will show example applications of 3D printing performed for companies in the production sector.
  2. Further, attended by a guide, we will analyse the selected manufacturing processes in order to collect materials for analysis.
  3. We will observe the ongoing processes, read the documentation and talk to the production division or operation maintenance staff.
  4. During a break we will analyse the collected material and prepare a short summary of the visit.
  5.  At the end of the day we will determine a further plan of action and the date of sending the report on the visit.
  1. Appointment of an in-house guide who will be able to explain the principles of operation of the respective process.
  2. Access to production areas for the purpose of learning the internal processes of the company.
  3. Possibility to talk to the production staff.