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3year warranty IndustryF421

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Maintaining full machine functionality during and after the warranty period

3year warranty 3DGence

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Frequently asked questions

The extended 3-year warranty covers the following devices: 3DGence Industry F421 and 3DGence Industry F350. 

To enter into a 3-year guarantee agreement, you must contact your dealer and make a declaration of intent to enter into the extended guarantee programme.    

Inspections are carried out by qualified specialists who will visit your premises themselves to carry out the inspection. Our mobile service technicians will check all printer systems for efficiency and quality at each inspection. In addition, some consumables will be replaced during the inspection, and their value is included in the cost of the inspection. Obligatory replacements and periodic checks of all systems ensure their efficiency and protect against the costly consequences of a possible failure.  

Periodic inspections ensure that the machine will be efficient and ready to operate during the warranty period. They also ensure regular replacement of components that wear out during regular use of the printer. Now you do not have to worry about production downtime due to sudden machine maintenance, because the inspections are pre-arranged and ensure the machine is fully functional.  

All warranty terms and conditions are described in the 3-year General Warranty Terms and Conditions document, but the main assumptions are the same as for the standard warranty provided for all 3DGence products.  


The warranty covers all mechanical, electrical, and electronic parts except for consumable parts, subject to the terms of the warranty terms. 

During the warranty period, please make sure to schedule inspections with 3Gence. This should be done well in advance, before the scheduled expiry of the inspection period counted from the date of commencement of warranty coverage.  

Each enquiry sent to the support via a service request or directly via e-mail to [email protected] is covered by the 24-hour response guarantee.  

The quickest way to contact us is by emailing us directly at [email protected] and filling in a service request at support.3dgence.com.